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Special Vechicles


The Automotive Business Division of MIETSEL SA, with a distinguished, professional  and  longtime tradition as a leading provider of engineering and commercial solutions to the Military, Public and Private automotive market Customers, is continuously expanding its products-and-services portfolio for Public Transportation.  At the forefront of our Buses Business we are further enhancing the Marketing, Sales, Rental and comprehensive Engineering Support of KARSAN City-, Intercity- and Tourist Buses and Coaches, both new and used, ranging in length from 5 to 18m. Our committed predilection of these products and manufacturer is solidly based on their determined focusing in environmental friendliness, in their offering an infinitely evolving spectrum of technological integrations meeting and anticipating the challenging conditions of modern public transportation and in a most judicious cost-sensitive policy of competitive pricing and low maintenance costs.

Our major partner-manufacturer of Buses, KARSAN, employing State-of-the-Art robotic technologies, is producing for almost half a century a wide spectrum of specialty vehicles spanning from automobiles to minivans, Trucks and to Buses, either as a licensee for well-known companies such as Hyundai, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and Breda Menarinibus or under its own KARSAN brand.

The Customers of our leading models JEST, ATAK, STAR & CITYMOOD of KARSAN Buses and Coaches as well as of the other Specialty Vehicles will continue to enjoy our long appreciated and now further out-reaching pre-sales and after-sales technical support services, engineering and training for these products, from our dedicated engineers and technical workforce, with their well- known wealth of experience, engineering know-how and product knowledge in the Bus, Coach, Truck and Specialty Vehicles automotive industry.

This know-how, along with regular industry training on all types of vehicles that we commercialize, enables us to maintain and persistently develop the quality of  our pre-sales and after sales engineering and technical services for which we are renowned